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If you’re wondering what else you need to know about laya life, you’ve come to the right place. We know that life insurance and Mortgage Protection can seem confusing. So we’re here to simplify it for you. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions our members ask us.


What is laya life insurance?

Laya Life insurance is a type of cover that pays your loved ones a lump sum if you die. It can pay off any of your outstanding debt or simply help your family financially in the future.

All of our life insurance policies are for term life insurance, also known as level term cover. You can easily choose the amount and length of cover that suits your family needs.

Who needs life insurance?

Who needs life insurance?

If you have people who rely on you financially, you need life insurance. This could be your partner, your children, an elderly relative or anyone else you care for.

If you don’t have dependants, life insurance can still take a burden off your loved ones. It can help pay off your debts or settle your estate when you die. Find out if life insurance is right for you with our helpful guide.

How much cover do I need?

The life insurance cover you need depends on your debts and the unique needs of your family. We know that it can be hard to figure out the right amount of cover for you. So for that reason, we’ve put together a useful checklist to help you work it out. For parents, our Cost of Raising a Child research could give you an even better insight.

Have more questions or need some advice? Then contact our expert and qualified Customer Care Team. They can help you find a policy that meets you and your family’s unique needs.


What is mortgage protection insurance?

Mortgage Protection insurance is a type of policy that pays off your mortgage if you or your partner dies. This policy reduces as you pay off chunks of your mortgage. It’s a requirement for most banks before you drawdown on your mortgage. Get the full lowdown on our dedicated Mortgage Protection page.

Why choose laya life?

Choose laya life for affordable premiums, straightforward policies, instant cover with no GP visits and a complimentary will.

Our goal is to Look After You Always. That’s why we make sure our expert, friendly Customer Care Team is on-hand to help you in any way they can.

Between our healthcare and life insurance policies, we have over 500,000 laya healthcare members who trust us daily. Find out more about what laya life can do for you.

Can laya life be used to cover my mortgage?

Yes, laya life covers mortgages with our Mortgage Protection policies. You can even get your Mortgage Protection in place the same day you apply for it. That means fewer delays in drawing down your mortgage. We’ll take care of most of the process, so it’s even easier for you.

How long does it take to get cover?

You can answer some questions and get a quick quote online. After that, simply purchase your policy for instant cover. No GP visits or reports, no fuss. Then, you have the peace of mind that your family will be cared for, whatever happens.

How long do I need cover for?

The length of your policy depends on a few things. If you’re getting Mortgage Protection, your cover lasts at least as long as your mortgage.

The length of your life insurance policy is a little more personal. Think about how long your loved ones need financial protection. Typically, our members take out policies that last until their youngest child turns 25. For that reason, younger members tend to take out longer term policies.

Chat to our experienced Customer Care Team to get a better idea of the best course of action for you.

How much does life insurance cost?

The cost of your life insurance premium depends on your personal circumstances and the kind of cover you need. Your age, health and if you smoke can affect the cost. How much and how long you want your cover for also impacts on the cost.

Do I need to do a medical?

There are no GP visits, reports or medicals required to get cover with laya life. Instead, we just ask some questions about your health and lifestyle. Answer these questions honestly and you can get instant cover.

Remember that if you don’t answer accurately, your policy may be cancelled.


Can I make changes to my policy?

You can’t change your life insurance policy. However, we know that circumstances change. If yours do, you can cancel your existing policy and take out a new one.

If you’re unsure about if you need to change, take a look at our checklist.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim with laya life, you simply need to supply relevant documents and information to our Customer Care Team. Read our guide to find out exactly what you need to do.

Can I cancel my policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy within 30 days of signing up. During this cooling off period, no exit or cancellation charges apply. We’ll even refund any premiums paid. Simply email us or send a cancellation letter.



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How do I make a complaint?

If you want to make a complaint, please let us know. We try our best to give you the best service possible and want to know how we can improve.



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What is single policy cover?

Single policy cover life insurance covers just one person. It means that if that person dies during the lifetime of the policy, their loved ones receive a lump sum.

What is joint cover?

Joint life insurance is a policy taken out by two people. There is only one lump sum payment with this policy and this is paid out when the first person insured under the policy dies. After that, the policy ends.

What is level term cover?

Level term cover is a type of insurance that doesn’t reduce over the lifetime of your policy, as long as you continue to pay the premium.

This is different to Mortgage Protection cover, which reduces in-tandem with your mortgage.

Should I get a will if I have life insurance?

You should get a will if you want to make distributing assets easier for your family when you die. It’s also important to know that your estate will be divided in a way you’re happy with.

At laya life, we know the comfort that having a will brings to our members. That’s why we offer all of our members a complimentary will  with Law Online.


What's the difference between life insurance and Mortgage Protection?

Life insurance and Mortgage Protection are two different types of cover that pay out if you die.

Mortgage Protection is linked to your mortgage amount and term. It’s sole purpose is to pay off your mortgage.

On the other hand, life insurance pays your family a lump sum. They can use this to pay off outstanding loans and maintain their financial security. You have the freedom to choose how much cover you need and how long your policy should last.