How much life insurance do I need?

The amount of life insurance cover you need depends on the financial needs of your family. It accounts for the expenses, big and small, that they need to live their lives after you die. At laya life, our members lead busy lives. We know that it can be difficult to carve out time to work out just how much life insurance cover you need. Arriving at the right figure means that your loved ones have financial security if you die. So we’re right by your side to make sure you get the cover your family needs.

Our team are available to give you a tailored recommendation, simply call 01 536 8000

Adding up your expenses

Think about every repayment, bill and expense that you encounter in your day-to-day life. Then include unexpected costs. Hard to know where to start? To make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of things you should consider. It might take a while to add it all up. But once you’re finished, you know that your family is financially secure even if you die.

Some areas you could consider are;

  • Your mortgage – How much you need to pay off your mortgage or any other debts you may have?
  • Your children – how old are they? How much would it cost to raise them until they are no longer financially dependent on you?
  • Your partner and your lifestyle – what day to day costs would your partner need to maintain your lifestyle and the lifestyle you would want for your family?

If you need any advice, our expert Customer Care Team are always happy to help. Call 01 536 8000 when you want to get in touch.

Life insurance to suit your lifestyle

No two laya life members are the same. Our life insurance cover reflects your individuality. Take a look at the ways your personal circumstances can affect your policy:


What do they need now and in the future? For young children, maybe that’s childcare now and college fees in a few years’ time

Length of cover

Think about how long you need life insurance cover. Maybe it’s until your children are grown up or your partner reaches retirement? See how the length of your cover affects the cost of your premium with our quick quote tool

Amount of cover

With laya life, we have a range of cover options to suit different types of lifestyles. You can get policies that pay out lump sums from €5,000 to €750,000*. The more cover you need, the higher your premium. For extra peace of mind, all our policies are for term life insurance. This means your mortgage is covered and the sum insured never decreases

Premium costs

We want you to get the cover your family needs in the future at a price you can afford right now. Look at our transparent guide to life insurance costs  and see how you can save.

Time for an update?

Life is rarely predictable – our members needs are always evolving. That’s why we make it easy to make sure your cover still suits your needs. Whether you’ve given up smoking or you need to increase your cover, make sure you let us know. Our Customer Care Team is on hand to help you adjust your policy.


*Value of policy is determined by your age at application.