Welcome to Laya Life - our story, our people

We're really pleased that you're here. Let us introduce ourselves properly to you.

Laya Life is part of the same company as Laya Healthcare, a business that genuinely cares about its customers. Our core belief is our motto: "Looking after you always". It's what Laya stands for literally.

Our 500+ team members are friendly, grounded and knowledgable. 

We think that being approachable and transparent is the right way to do business. So is offering quality products that suit your needs and your budget. It's what has attracted over 600,000 people to laya healthcare so far. 

Where we came from

We started as BUPA Ireland and we have transitioned to laya healthcare. So while the name is relatively new, we have plenty of experience of the insurance market. We're using that experience to bring a new approach to insurance in Ireland.

Our senior managers are longstanding experts in the healthcare business. Their aim is to increase competition in the Irish market. They also want to innovate and bring value to their customers.