Term life insurance cover

Term life insurance, the type of life insurance laya life offers, is life insurance designed to pay out a lump-sum to your estate in the event of your death should it happen during the agreed time frame your policy is valid for.

But what does that really mean?

Laya life is simple and affordable life insurance, so let’s keep it simple and break it down.

Term life insurance refers specifically to the time frame, or period of time, for which you choose to be covered. Its life insurance made easy and flexible based on your needs.

And this flexibility also extends to the amount of cover you want. By controlling the amount of life insurance cover you take out and the length of time you want the cover for you decide what the cost of your insurance policy will be. That is what makes it affordable, it gives you control and it allows you to budget every month.

 At present, subject to underwriting criteria, at laya life you can choose life insurance cover between

  • 10-40 years
  • €50,000 - €400,000

And the price of cover will remain the same for the entire term you choose.

So, what are the benefits of life term insurance cover? 

Simply put, laya life’s term life insurance cover is;

  • A simple, straightforward product, easy to get, easy to understand.
  • There is no medical needed
  • Call us or visit our website and you will be talking directly to us, there are no middlemen
  • There is no waiting time, life insurance cover will start right then and there
  • We will not review your life insurance policy for the entire term you have chosen.

Like we said before, laya life is a simple, affordable life insurance product.