About laya life

We’re on your side. We know life insurance is often difficult to understand and can be complicated to get. So we've decided to do things differently. Laya life cover is simple. And getting it is easy. Just answer a few straightforward questions to see whether you’re eligible and you’re good to go. No medical, no hassle. And if you sign up online, you get a 10% discount on your policy.

‌Why choose laya life?

We’ll give you:

  • A policy that will pay out up to €400,000 if you pass away
  • Instant, affordable cover from as little as €10.10 per month
  • Flexibility – Laya life insurance can grow with your needs
  • A choice of cover type depending on your needs – level term Cover (sole or joint), or mortgage protection cover (sole or joint)
  • Genuine customer service provided by our own team in Cork
  • A 20% discount if you’re already a laya healthcare member and you join online. 

We genuinely care

Our background is in healthcare and we pride ourselves on treating our customers properly. We know that when our members call upon us, they need friendly, effective service. We live by our motto: "Looking after you always". It's who we are. It's what has attracted over 475,000 members so far.

We want to bring that same approach to life insurance. We want it to be simple to understand and easy to get. No fuss.

And we want to offer you a range of insurance options so that you know you're covered, whatever happens in life and whatever your circumstances.

Like we said: we'll look after you, always.