Life Insurance & Mortgage Protection Calculator

With laya life you can get instant and affordable life cover online in a matter of minutes – answer a maximum of 9 questions and get an instant decision. We don’t believe that you should have to go through the hassle of medicals, GP visits or family history checks. Just great cover and peace of mind at a reasonable price. 

To help you calculate what your life insurance or mortgage protection cover might cost, we have built an online quotation tool that allows you get a price for the cover you want. Our eligibility check involves a maximum of 9 questions – no GP visit required. If eligible, you can then join online instantly. Our simple process and immediate, affordable cover means that you can tick life insurance off your to-do list today.

How Do We Calculate Your Quote?

In order to give you an instant online quote, our quotation calculator captures the following information:

  • Who needs to be covered? Just you or is it a joint policy you require?
  • What type of cover would you like? Life insurance or mortgage protection?
  • Tell us a little about yourself. Are you a laya healthcare member to get our additional 10% discount? Are you a smoker? What is your date of birth?
  • What length of term cover would you like… from 10 to 40 years? What level of cover do you want in place… from €50,000 to €400,000?
  • When do you want the cover to start? Today or on some date in future?
  • It’s as simple as that. Once you confirm those details, our online quotation calculator will give you an instant quote. If you join online, you’ll save 10% and you can pay for your policy via monthly direct debit, at no extra charge, to spread out the cost.


Get A Quote Online

So, to get a quote for life cover and see how easy it is to join click here.


To note:

Quotes are valid on and for the date of issue, subject to no changes to the information you have provided. Prices include 1% government insurance levy.