How do I get life insurance?

Right here, right now

We’ve kept things simple. Unlike other insurance providers, who can make it complicated to get a life policy, we’re making it as easy and straight-forward as possible to get immediate life cover.

All we need is for you to answer a few simple questions about yourself and we’ll arrange a fixed-term life insurance policy that can give your family a financial pay-out of up to €200,000 if you die.

What we need

All we need are:

  1. Your personal details
  2. Some short answers about your medical history

It really is as simple as that. Answer these questions and you’re covered.

And to look after you just a little bit more, we’re offering a 10% discount if you join online right now and a further 5% discount for laya healthcare members.

Laya life is only available directly from us. We keep it nice and straightforward. JOIN NOW.

No matter what your circumstances, laya life is the right insurance policy for you. And, as it comes from laya healthcare, you can be sure that our cover gives you peace of mind as well as great value for money.

Who needs life insurance? Find out more.

Payment options

As well as making it easy to get life insurance, we’ve also made it easy to pay for it. You can pay by direct debit either every month or once a year, and you can set up the direct debit right here on our website.

Please see our Terms and conditions for more information.