Why laya is fastest?


Automated underwriting

At Laya Life Insurance, we pride ourselves on being the fastest in the market at providing you with the coverage you need. Our efficiency is powered by our cutting-edge automated underwriting, unlike any of our competitors.  Our automated underwriter streamlines the insurance application process by assessing risk factors and determining eligibility quickly and accurately. This means you can expect a seamless and expedited experience when applying with us. 


No brokers or financial lenders

We also eliminate the need for intermediaries like brokers or financial lenders. At Laya Life Insurance, we believe in providing direct access to our services, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for our customers. With us, you can skip the hassle of dealing with third parties and obtain a policy in under 10 minutes, saving you valuable time and effort. Our commitment to speed and simplicity means that you can get the coverage you need swiftly and conveniently, without any unnecessary delays or complications. 


“Fastest Provider”  is based on call research carried out on the 18th of April 2024. Where average quote to cover time was 12-48 hrs. Laya Life offer an automated underwriting process, which means the decision to accept or decline can be made instantly and does not need to be reviewed by the underwriter. In addition to this, we can quote and sell directly to customers. This means customers are not required to obtain quotes through financial advisors or brokers.