Cost of Life Insurance

Cost of Life Insurance

Life insurance can be difficult to understand, but laya life is committed to our promise of making life insurance simple and affordable.

In keeping with that promise, we have created this simple guide to help you better understand the factors that affect the price of the policies we offer.

There are four main factors that influence the cost of your laya life insurance policy. 

1. Your age – the younger you are the lower the cost of your life insurance policy will be.

2. Whether you smoke – smoking impacts on your overall health so non-smokers will be looking at lower premiums.

3. The amount of life insurance cover you want – laya life offers cover of up to €400,000 depending on your circumstances.

4. The length of time the policy will be valid for – you can choose life insurance cover of up to 40 years.

Cost doesn’t increase over time

The good news is that because laya life offers term life insurance cover, we will not review the terms of cover on your policy as you get older. That means that the cost of your life insurance policy will not change for the entire time your policy will be valid for and for our members that translates into the reassurance that there will be no surprises at any point.

And remember that we offer a 10% discount when you join online and if you are a laya healthcare member you can get an additional 10% discount on top of that… a total saving of 20%!

So get a quote today and see how easy it is to join laya life.

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